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We are HoloLens pioneers for museums, architects and other industries wanting mixed reality

We are technology consultants and experts at developing state-of-the-art applications. We are passionate about digital platforms and technologies across the latest devices in mixed and virtual reality.

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Land of Dinosaurs

Create the Aura of the Artifact.

Enhance the experience in your museum by creating an immersive,
mixed reality engagement with your artifacts. Every artifact in your
gallery has a story, but that story is rarely seen or heard. HoloLens
mixed reality allows you to create a unique experience that stays
in your museum, surrounding the artifacts your visitors come to see.

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The materialization of models.
Create state-of-the-art presentations
using holographic renderings of your
designs. Collaborate with confidence.
Immerse your clients into the world
you’ve designed.

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The Zengalt Vyzn app has been one of our most important applications when showcasing Mixed Reality. The ability to show our clents not only an overview of the project through the bird’s eye perspective, but also allowing the user to switch to a first person with a quick voice command is a great feature.
Jason Anderson
ok... just played #LandofDinosaurs on my #HoloLens. one world to describe it: S P E C T A C U L A R!!!
Alex Kipman
I just tried 'Land of Dinosaurs' on the HoloLens by @ZengaltUSA. Super-fun to see huge dinosaurs invade my office :)
Angela Hiller
Well done 3rd party app
This is a great app, I just wish the experience was longer. But for third party app this is probably the best in the market at this point. Well polished, smooth animation, well done narration... Can't wait for more!
Land of Dinosaurs
Vyzn and HoloLens allowed us to provide a physical experience to folks who are struggling to visualize and feel proposed changes that are usually shown in 2-D. Providing a space where people could just turn their heads and look up to see a 10 foot building-height change versus listen to us describe it made our presentation more experiential and effective.
Susie Philipsen
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new #HoloLens app! Search for "Land of Dinosaurs" in the store! #dinosaurs #rarrr
Lauren Bisett
They work on each project as if it was their own. A smart and result-oriented team of professionals. Do your best to make sure it is them who will be working on your next project!
Victor Kiselev

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