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Land of Dinosaurs

Land of Dinosaurs is a HoloLens experience letting your artifacts expand
beyond the physical space of the museum. This mixed reality presents
unique content while driving visitors to your space in a cost effective way.

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I recently saw a mixed-reality piece in NYC that imagines Times Square submerged and full of boats due to climate change. Art like this is a powerful way to draw attention to the need for urgent & ambitious #ClimateAction.
António Guterres
Honoured to meet artist Mel Chin at Times Square in area with hia Augmented Reality Art, showing impact #ClimateChange and rising sealevels. …

Karel van Oosterom
I've mentioned before that you can't go wrong with amazing cars + @HoloLens. Gorgeous exhibit. Nice work @ZengaltUSA! … via @youtube
Lorraine Bardeen
Vyzn and HoloLens allowed us to provide a physical experience to folks who are struggling to visualize and feel proposed changes that are usually shown in 2-D. Providing a space where people could just turn their heads and look up to see a 10 foot building-height change versus listen to us describe it made our presentation more experiential and effective.
Susie Philipsen
This is unbelievable!
Dana Williamson
Art can be powerful way to draw attention to the need for urgent & ambitious #ClimateAction.

@antonioguterres explains more in a visit to an exhibit in @TimesSquareNYC in our latest @instagram story ➡️
United Nations
The really cool thing about mixed reality is that you can see everything around you, but with an added overlay of 3D holograms. This means that while using the HoloLens you can look at Shuttle Enterprise and see the outside while also observing the schematics and building process occurring! This was the part that I audibly gasped at. Both the experience of the mixed reality and the event as a whole were unforgettable.
Abigail Harrison
You feel like you are at Le Mans, and yet you’re just right here, in Petersen. Be able to do that is really cool.
Henry Ford III
The mixed reality of the HoloLens is allowing us to be better story-tellers.
Michael Bodell
They work on each project as if it was their own. A smart and result-oriented team of professionals. Do your best to make sure it is them who will be working on your next project!
Victor Kiselev
Thank you!
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