AWARD 2015

Win over clients
using holographic

Use Zengalt Vyzn or a Presentation Kit to showcase your models
to clients and partners on Microsoft HoloLens.

HoloLens is a cutting edge, holographic technology used by professionals
in Architecture, Engineering, Construction and other industries that want
to “WOW” clients during their presentations and win more contracts.

Materialized Models

Autodesk University 2016 Demo Model

A showcase model presented during Autodesk 2016
and also featured on stage at Microsoft Digital Transformation 2016.

Playable on
Road Project

Zengalt Presentation Kit showing the designer’s
vision of a road project for an industry exposition.

Playable on

Benefits To You

Presentation Kit

Send us your model files in any common 3D
modeling or CAD software and we will turn them
into a perfectly rendered holographic Presentation
Kit. Within a few days we can turn your models
into a Presentation Quality application that you
can use as a demo for clients and partners.

A perfect solution to show off your models, bringing
your client’s dream into an impossible reality.

How It Works


Upload your own FBX models using our simple tools and
reiterate as needed. This solution is ideal for designers that
collaborate internally with other team members or need to
demo design changes quickly, without a lot of sophisticated
artwork, texturing or scenery.

Use this killer solution to create quick demos while saving time,
money and resources.

How to use the “WOW” factor to win over clients

HoloLens stands out from other types
of virtual reality devices because it:

Your presentations will have a shared experience combining your
holographic models, the surroundings, and the people, which is unique to
HoloLens. With the ability to have a shared presentation to multiple
people at the same time, the confidence and clarity of your presentation
will be at its highest.

And since the entire session is recorded, your design team will have
a clear understanding of the changes and comments your clients require,
eliminating confusion and unnecessary mistakes.

Please answer a few questions to help us get started:

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We are a consulting company and we develop apps for HoloLens.
Our applications can be used in any field where you want to create
a demonstration, exhibition, artwork or game.

Please contact us to share your idea and we would love to chat with you.

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