We Help Companies in Sports and Auto,
Museums, Municipalities, Artists, and More
Reach their Audience Using Mixed Reality

We are technology consultants and experts at developing state-of-the-art
experiences. We are passionate about digital platforms and technologies
across the latest devices in mixed, augmented, and virtual reality.

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Clients and Partners


Astronaut Abby Experience Defying Gravity
Astronaut Abby tries the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset at the Intrepid Museum.
Zengalt Bets on Mixed Reality and HoloLens
Our goal is to lower the barrier to entry to this technology for business customers - then help them to succeed long term.
HCAP Technology for Augmented
Integrate holograms with your immersive experience to engage viewers from every point of view.
Celebrating the Women Who Defy
A new installation uses mixed reality to showcase women’s critical contributions to the US space program.
For Museums, Augmented Reality Is the Next Frontier
Multidimensional tour of the Space Shuttle Enterprise—and through space history.
Mixed Reality Brings Ford GT Supercars
to Life
The first permanent experience in a museum ever.
Microsoft HoloLens a Key Part of Art Exhibit That ‘Sinks’ Times Square
The Times Square undertaking is part of Chin’s “All Over the Place”, a multi - location exhibition.
‘Unmoored’: Storytelling and
Mixed Reality
The experience results from the unique marriage of mixed reality technology and art.
Envisioning a Future That’s
Under Water
Mel Chin launches Unmoored - a mixed reality experience in New York’s Times Square.
Digitally Transforming Renault Sport Formula One™ Team at High-speed
Renault Sport Formula One Team has partnered with Microsoft to create a mixed reality experience.
'Land of Dinosaurs' HoloLens App Brings Jurassic Park to Life
Walk with the dinosaurs with no risk to your life and limbs.
City of Seattle-Neighborhoods Department
Neighborhoods use Groundbreaking HoloLens Technology to Engage with the Community.
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality More than Fun and Games
AR/VR is the next big thing for businesses.
Unique Look at One of Ford’s Most
Iconic Cars
Multidimensional journey through the history of the Ford GT40.
Corgan Virtual Reality-Augmented Reality Technology in the Field
Discussing new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies and how their applying in the design world.
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